Great News for XC Skiers

Skate skiers on Moraine Lake Road

I had a terrific ski at Moraine Lake Road today. It was groomed and trackset yesterday. There was about 5 cm of fresh snow overnight, but the tracks are skied in well, and the skating lane has been well used so it`s in pretty good condition as well. Ski poles were still scraping pavement occasionally. The Great Divide trail(also known as 1A highway)was rolled yesterday, but there`s lots of fresh snow on it now. Let’s hope it will get groomed by the weekend. Tramline has had no maintenance yet but looks like it has lots of snow.

Peter on Moraine Lake road

Peter on Moraine Lake road Nov 13, 2008

If you’re not familiar with this trail, it is relatively flat with a few small hills for the first 2.6K up to Paradise Creek. That would be a good section for beginners to practice on. You then climb for about 2K and 150M of elevation. On the return, you can get a pretty good head of steam coming down. When all is said and done, you will go about 9K out(the guide books say 8K but they’re incorrect) and gain 250M of elevation. Don’t forget you’ve got 9K coming back. If it`s your first time out this year, don`t overdo it. If you`ve exhausted yourself on the way out, it won`t be so much fun coming back. The accumulated elevation is 390m. That includes all the ups and downs along the way.

You may have driven this road in the summer all the way to the Lake and the valley of the ten peaks. I enjoy it much more in the winter when I don’t have to get elbowed by tourists. LOL

I hope to see you all enjoying your first ski of the season here on Saturday.


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  1. If you find some new snow that’s skiable, let us all know. Elk pass in Kananaskis Country is usually the next place that will be ready to go. I haven’t been out there lately.

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