Ski season has begun!

Welcome to Ski Here! This blog is dedicated to giving first-hand accounts of cross country ski conditions in Calgary, Kananaskis, Banff, Lake Louise and Yoho.

Moraine Lake road, Nov 10, 2008

I skied at Lake Louise on the Moraine Lake road today.  It was snowmobile packed with a couple centimetres of new snow over the packing. It was snowing lightly when I left at 5 pm. Conditions were a bit better than on Saturday – there’s not so much pavement showing! There were intermittent skier-set tracks which were pretty decent and the snow was fast. Every time you plant your poles, however, you will hit pavement. If your pole tips aren’t sharp, they’ll slip and it will get frustrating.

I used rock skis, but if you were very careful for the first kilometre, you may get away with using your better skis, especially if there’s any new snow.

Submit your comments when you ski and let your fellow X-C skiers know what it was like.


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  1. Zenny

    Great to hear from you. Good luck with your training and I hope to see you on your skis soon. Are you doing a full or a half marathon?

  2. I just heard that Moraine Lake Road has been trackset! Freshly rolled centre lane is ready for skating. I hope to check it out tomorrow.

  3. Okay, I am now jealous, you guys have already gone skiing!!

    I am still busy training for long distance running for the Goofy Race in Florida scheduled for January…..but I guess I can come up on some Saturdays and do some cross country training….mmh, that’s a thought.

    Thanks Bob for putting this blog up as I will also pass it to my friends who love to xc ski, snowshoe and run

  4. If anyone noticed, I have now fixed the time clock. Starting a new blog is always full of surprises. It looks like George posted his comment tomorrow morning!

  5. George, thanks. I was out late and did the entire trail after I saw you. It was snowing(and dark) when I left at 5:30 pm, and it looks like they should get another 5 cm according to the forecast. That should put my rock skis into retirement, I hope.

    I used Toko pink for new snow(-4/-1)and it performed well. I saw a couple spots where skaters had edged through to the pavement, but the classic skier-set tracks had no issues.

  6. HI Bob Excellent rock skiing – Classic: marginal skier set tracks up Moraine L. Rd – about 5cm overnight fresh snow, Purple/Blue Hardwax combo working well, some skiers on Yellow – well covered with several layers of Blue Hardwax..
    Skating excellent 99% coverage – don’t edge so hard it’s about 6-8cm deep, the higher you climb the better the snow.

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