4K at Canmore Nordic Centre

Evening skiing at Canmore Nordic Centre

The Yeti sisters Canmore Nordic Centre Dec 8, 2008

The Yeti sisters at Canmore Nordic Centre Dec 8, 2008

It’s great to see people enjoying themselves on the snow! As you can tell, it was dark out but there was a bright moonlit sky and beaming smiles (and the lights were on), but still some of the trails were not illuminated. You had to be careful. For now, the nordic centre is not guaranteeing the lights will be on unless the trail maintenance crews are working which was the case tonight.  

There’s one extra kilometre of trail open, but a lot of the trails are being packed right now. Should have more to ski on soon.The 4K is single trackset with a skating lane on hard-packed snow. I did a few rounds on my skate skis. That extra kilometre? Even bigger hills! I still can’t make it up the inclines without stopping for a rest. But yeah, I had fun. Puff gasp collapse.

If you ladies in the photo manage to find this blog, all my readers will be anxious to know what you thought of the snow/trails.

Now that the trail crews in Kananaskis have had a day to do some grooming, I will venture out a little further tomorrow and see what I can find.

Does anyone know what the status of the XC track is at COP in Calgary?  I would think Hawkridge would be in good shape by now.  Any updates would be appreciated.


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  1. Better than expected conditions at Canmore Nordic Centre Saturday and Sunday. Only 3 km, but enough variety in the loops to entertain for a couple of hours. Sunday’s snow is just what the doctor ordered!

    Peter; You call those hills entertainment?! You’ll really enjoy it now with the extra big hill on the additional 1K. Were you classic skiing or skating? If classic, what kind of grip wax were you using? – Bob

  2. For anyone wondering how many people are looking at this blog, I just checked the statistics and it says there were 767 views last week. Considering that it hasn’t even been in existence for a month, I’m pleased to see such an interest in XC skiing.

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