A green wax day at the nordic centre

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Skiers at Canmore Nordic Centre  Dec 13, 2008

Skiers at Canmore Nordic Centre Dec 13, 2008

The crew at the Canmore Nordic Centre had just finished grooming and tracksetting when Peter and I clicked on our skis this morning. We had fabulous snow conditions for skiing, however you had to be either brave or foolish to be out in the -21(-30 with wind chill) temperatures. Click here to see more photos from today.  The wind was blowing briskly around the daylodge and stadium area, but once you were out on the trails it was quite pleasant with the sun shining.

 No problem waxing today. A bit of green grip wax was all you needed. Surprisingly, the glide while we were classic skiing wasn’t too bad despite the cold snow. We classic skied for about an hour, took a lunch break, then went back out to do some skating. Peter remarked on how slow the glide was on skate skis, and here I thought it was just my skating ability!  

There was no updated trail report, so I am guessing that we had about 5K of man-made snow which had been groomed and trackset. Almost all the trails here had been trackset a couple days ago, including the ones with natural snow, however the blizzard of yesterday would have covered most of the trails with fresh snow.

If you were one of the few who skied today, let us know how the conditions were, wherever you may have been.

I’d like to say Hi to all the folks who are clicking over from the link Kirstie posted on her website  Orange Girl Photographs. If you didn’t read it, refer back to my post of Dec 9 when I met Kirstie and Kevin on the Cascade Fire Road. I notice a lot of people are clicking the link. If you want to see some outstanding photographs, check out Orange Girl Photographs.


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  1. The snow temperature at the nordic centre today was a cool -28 with air temp of -27, but minimal wind. It made for a refreshing and invigorating ski trip on the Bow trail. Went right out to the far end and returned on the Banff trail, approx 13K. The trails were trackset and in fair condition. Some exposed dirt, twigs, grass and a few loose, small rocks. Nothing that caused any significant problems.

  2. A quick Saturday afternoon solo ski to Hummingbird Lookout at Ribbon Creek, on light tele gear. Trailbreaking the all the way through 15-20 cm of new, over a sno-mo packed base. Very slow going downhill in the cold snow, so not too many turns even on the steeper parts, despite waxing with green glider and scaping off all my grip wax. Started at Nakiska which meant I had to run a gauntlet of snow guns and icy cat tracks to access the Skogan Trail. When it warms up and is trackset, the Skogan area should be in good shape.

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