Elk Pass was excellent today

The skiing was as good as you could expect on Elk Pass today. There are no machine-set tracks yet, but the snow cover is good and all those big hills were easy to climb and fun to come down. Blueberry Hill was a little trickier with lots of dips and ruts to make your return trip more eventful. I guess it depends on your perspective: It can add to the fun or add to the fear, or both. See more photos from today.

Johanna & Jim from Norseman Ski club on Elk Pass

Johanna & Jim from Norseman Ski club on Elk Pass

I ran into six members of the Norseman ski club at the end of the trail. In the above photo, Johanna wanted me to point out her bamboo poles. With mismatched baskets, no less! It was gratifying to hear them all say that they follow the blog and find it very helpful.

 If you missed it, Ray updated us on the Chester-Sawmill trails:Chester Lake/Sawmill trails are as advertised, skier trackset. Nice addition of snow since last weekend. Moose showed up in parking lot licking salt off vehicles, making for a nice diversion. Nice day out.”

I think I took a picture of that moose last week(seeems to have a preference for GM vehicles ):

Moose licking salt in Chester lake parking lot

Moose licking salt in Chester Lake parking lot

A couple more notes on the day. Pocaterra trail has been packed but the snow cover is razor-thin and there is lots of grass poking through the snow and even a few rocks to contend with. The hut is not yet open. Additional packing was done on the Mt Shark trail system but skiing is only recommended on the 2K Blue loop and the Watridge Lake road. Was anybody skiing there today who can fill us in on the conditions?

They still only have 3.1K at the Canmore Nordic Centre.

Anyone been to Lake Louise lately? I see the Banff/Lake Louise trail report mentions they have had light snow falling all day. Yoho trail report mentions they had 20 cm of new snow on Saturday.

Weather Update: Sunday 9:13 a.m: Environment Canada Snowfall Warning: A disturbance over southern BC is moving into southern Alberta faster than previously forecast. Snow is developing this morning and snowfall amounts of 10 possibly up to 20 cm will occur by evening in the mountain areas.

It just started snowing in Canmore and I hear on the radio that it’s been snowing for some time in Lake Louise.

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