PLPP grooming has begun

It’s a bit later than usual, but there are a few trails in Peter Lougheed Prov Park which have now been groomed(not trackset) and I would expect more will be ready by the weekend. It looks like the crews are starting at the north end and working their way south. Pocaterra, Lodgepole, Braille, Meadow, Wheeler had all been groomed today when I was there. I didn’t make it as far as Lynx, Amos, Woolley so I’m not sure about those. Of the trails I’ve mentioned, Wheeler would be in the best condition because it’s a paved biking trail in the summer. The downside is that you may hit pavement periodically with your pole tips. All the other trails have a thin snow cover with some grass, twigs, and dirt to contend with, but they are skiable if you exercise caution.

No work had yet been completed on Whiskey Jack or Elk Pass but I could see they were snow covered. The information centre has indicated that some packing had already been done before the recent snowfall on upper Elk Pass and Blueberry Hill. Those might be good bets for the weekend.

Mt. Shark and Chester-Sawmill, which have been groomed once already, had new snow over the previous grooming and I imagine the crews will be maintaining these again before the weekend.  Surprisingly enough, there seemed to be just as much new snow on the PLPP trails as there was at Shark & Chester. 

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