Bryant Creek and Backcountry etiquette

Cindy sent in the following photo and report:

Bryant Creek Feb 21, 2009

Bryant Creek Feb 21, 2009

Hi Bob,

I skied into the Bryant Creek Shelter last weekend with some friends. All in all we had a wonderful time. The only discouraging aspect was numerous yellow stains just outside the shelter – including along the trail to the creek! Although perhaps attributable to animals (but not likely), it would be great if everyone used the outhouse provided.

Good backcountry etiquette also includes wiping up the tables, sweeping the floors, cleaning out the ashes from the stove, chopping some wood, and carrying out ALL garbage (including spent tea lights and leftover food).

On the bright side, the Watridge Lake trail was in excellent condition and the trail going into the shelter was fine although there was debris (needles, branches, lichen, cones) on the trail in some spots. We encountered a short of very wet snow (at the lowest elevation near the creek in the sun). It was also great to see the skier’s tracks mostly intact, despite the lack of fresh snow! In the morning, a moose joined us in the meadow just outside the shelter. It was a bonus once back on the groomed trail to schuss most of the way back to the parking lot. I’ve attached a picture taken at dusk looking past the warden cabin towards Assiniboine Pass.

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