Request for info re: Elk Lakes cabin. Paradise Valley. Hawkridge update

Can anyone provide some information on the Elk Lakes cabin? Rod sent in this email:
Very interesting blog + great photos. I am planning a ski trip to Elk Lake Hut with my young son (8). He’s a good enough skier although i think we’ll be slow. Any photos of this ski into the hut? Are there any tricky parts? Anything i should know about the ski?
thank you
Rod, see the comments below for the replies. – Bob

Cindy sent in this comment in reference to the detailed backcountry update from Chip:

“Thanks for the backcountry update! Bob’s set up an amazing website and I’m very grateful! It’s tough planning between the chinooks and with avalanche conditions. I prefer not to ski in tracks (although what can be wrong about any kind of cross country skiing!) and I am slowly working my way into the backcountry (with appropriate avalanche courses). Has anyone skied into Paradise Valley recently?”

Cindy, see comments for replies. – Bob

Richard sent in this update re: Hawkridge

Emily at Hawkridge Feb 1, 2009

Emily at Hawkridge Feb 1, 2009

“Hello Bob.
I tried skating at COP on Saturday, but the Cross Country area was boiler plate ice and in my opinion too dangerous for XC skis without metal edges. The surface was just too hard for the ski edges to dig into. Sunday afternoon at Hawkridge, on the other hand, was very good. The snow was hard, but the skis were able to bite into it. For grip wax trusty Start Purple (-3 to +1) worked again. I was worried that with all the warm wind we’ve had there would be coverage problems. There wasn’t. They sure know how to “farm” snow and keep the trails covered. The attached photo shows grass on either side of the trail, but the track is good. Job well done” J


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  1. about paradise valley…my mistake when i mentioned lake agnes.. meant lake annette

  2. I completed a day ski into the Elk Lakes Cabin last Sunday January 25th. Conditions were excellent the whole way. I use West Elk Pass instead of climbing up to the powerline, however there is some minor route finding required. If you choose this route, you essentially leave the Elk Pass trail just past the Bluebery junction. When the Elk Pass trail starts to climb up to left, you exit to the right into the meadows and follow the meadows South to their very end, avoiding the gully on the right side towards the Southern end. When the meadows start to end, you start to angle to the left and you will eventually hit the Powerline again. From there it is a fun and sometimes fast run down, however, as mentioned, the steeper sections can been avoided by taking the track in the tress on either side of the powerline. You can see the route clearly on Google Earth. If in doubt, climb up to the Powerline and East Elk Pass and then follow the Poweline all the way south.

  3. These replies have been emailed to me re: Rod’s request for info about Elk Lakes cabin:

    Ray says:”at a leisurely pace , it takes around 3- 3 1/2 hours to get there. All the elevation gain is over by the time you hit the top of elk pass on the groomed trails. From there it is a gentle downhill following the power line. There are a couple of steeper sections that can be avoided by traversing on either side of the power line, and that is what many people do, so there will likely be well worn skier set tracks. I should think that if an eight year old can make it to the top of the pass, he would have no trouble going the remainder of the way.”

    Clive says:
    “I’ve done the trip from the Elk Pass trailhead several times both on back country touring skis and also track skis. Typically you can follow the snowmobile trail up the powerline access road from Elk Lakes Provincial Park in BC right up to Elk Pass. Its quite reasonable if the snow conditions are good.”

  4. hi bob
    great website. i skied into paradise valley on feb. 1.trail is ok, lots of wind derived debris, twigs, needles etc. one deadfall to be negotiated, went just past the lake annette junction, through a very impressive avalanche debris slope. all in all when compared to other trails and the effect of the wind this one wasn’t too bad

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