Ski Orienteering

Hi Bob,

I just want to share with you and your readers some information about ski orienteering, which I tried for the first time Sunday March 15 at the Canmore Nordic Centre.  Basically, it is similar to foot orienteering where one navigates a course finding various control points in order.  The challenge is planning your route, knowing where you are as you are travelling and making decisions en-route. The neat thing about orienteering (any kind) is that there is a course for everyone from young to old, beginners to expert – and everyone between!  Ski orienteers can choose the equipment they use (classic or skate) and are allowed to travel in any location (other than restricted areas) as long as they have their skis with them.  Check out this website for more information  If you click on Route Gadget, you can see the map and select the various routes that the competitors chose (Course 4 was the expert course).

While I don’t believe there will be any more ski orienteering events this season, I believe the Canmore Nordic Centre is planning to install some permanent orienteering courses that can be completed at one’s leisure.  I encourage your readers to watch out for future events and try it out.  I think the Foothills Wanderers Orientering Clug is planning some “Try Orienteering” events in early May. I find the Foothills Wanderers Orienteering Club to be a very laid back group.  They have a great junior development program and there are many accomplished athletes who are always willing to help out others get to know the sport.  You don’t have to run to enjoy orienteering.  While it tends to attract runners looking for some variety and challenge, I’m not a runner myself and there’s still lots of fun and challenge in walking / hiking the courses.

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