I told them it was over

Paul Karchut from CBC’s Eyeopener called today, as he has been doing all winter, to see if I’ll be giving a report on cross country ski conditions tomorrow morning on his “Real Ski Report.” I had to tell him that ski season was over for me. A sad day indeed.

Cheryl and I did one last round of some favourite trails last week. The best conditions we encountered were in Peter Lougheed Park where we did the Tyrwhitt loop, ending the season with a good ski on my most favourite trails. I see from the Kananaskis trail report they are still grooming there.

It’s been a lot of fun blogging about skiing this past winter, and I thoroughly enjoyed the excellent comments, reports, and photos which were sent in. I am pleasantly surprised at the interest which this blog received: it has been viewed 16,463 times since I started it in November!

I made a post way back in December after meeting a young couple while skiing.  They had taken a day away from work to enjoy the early snow and good conditions and a beautiful day on Cascade Fire Road. The title of my post was “I can live with disappontment but I cannot live with regret”.

That post received more hits than all others except two. I think it tells me that people are interested in living a balanced life, where experiences and friends are more important than another day at the office. Would a truly balanced life be 6 months skiing and 6 months working?

I think it’s amusing  when I talk to people who go south, or take a holiday to a warm climate during the winter, because there is NO WAY I would miss the best time of year in this snowy country of ours. I know I’m in the minority, but I imagine I’m in good company on this blog.

Thank you to all the readers here, and a special thanks to all who left comments. I hope the information helped a few people have an enjoyable time on cross country skis this winter. Or perhaps it might encourage you to try it out if you’ve never skied before.

If you do get out to ski, please continue to send in reports.

If I was reading a local cross-country ski blog hosted by someone else, I’d be living vicariously through that person’s experiences, and thinking about my own ski trips to the various destinations. Here’s a recent email which I’d like to share because I could really relate to what Annemarie is saying here(and it made me feel very appreciated):

“Hi Bob
I want to let you know how much I’ve appreciated and enjoyed your blog.
It’s great to read entries about things we’ve all experienced, eg. the Goat Creek killer hill down to the creek; the lousy P2/P3 signage  at the Pipestone; the ecstasy of a perfect day.

As usual, I didn’t get out as much as I would have liked, but reviewing the blog made me feel like I was also there.
Please keep it going and don’t work so hard!
Cheers and thanks,
Annemarie in Calgary”

If you have a moment, I’d love to hear about your favourite trip or  special memory from this past winter.


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  1. Thanks Bob, for providing a valuable resource for skiers. It has been a memorable season, with many great cross-country and backcountry days. As far as XC goes, what sticks in my mind is the superb season at West Bragg Creek. I skied there at least twice a week from early December through to the end of March, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Assn., and a bit of help from mother nature of course.
    But what’s this about ski season being over?
    Backcountry touring remains good, with conditions the last two weekends being the best they have been this year, and the weather has been stellar.
    Skate skiers might think about heading up to skate the flats below Engadine Lodge in the early morning after a good overnight freeze. No trails required, just let the crust carry you wherever. I’ve never done that, but have seen many out there on occasion, while on my way to a spring backcountry tour.
    See you next season!

  2. Thanks Bob, I’ve been following your blog for XC-ski trip tips and reports. Very good insights.

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