Lookin’ good for the weekend

As previously mentioned, I am co-ordinating a ski trip for beginners/novices/intermediates on Saturday to K-Country. In other words, anyone can participate as we will split into two groups. I’m going to stay with the beginners/novices while Cheryl will take the manic skiers on some more challenging and longer trails in the south end of Peter Lougheed Prov Park(PLPP).

So far, the warm weather hasn’t affected the trails. While Calgary was +11 today, the temperature in PLPP stayed below zero, so the snow is holding up well. Let’s see what happens tomorrow;  check this blog tomorrow night. I’ll try to get it updated by 7 pm. The forecast for Sat looks good with a high of zero.

I have three very easy trails picked out for the beginner/novice skiers, some who will be out for the first time this year. The trails are trackset with some fresh snow on top(in case you fall, it will be a soft landing!). We have six skiers so far, but you can still join the fun. Send me an email bobtruman@shaw.ca if you’d like to come along for some early-season skiing in out beautiful K-Country. You don’t have to be a ski club member but you will be asked to sign a waiver.  You can come on two trips to try it out.

Our first trail will be ultra-easy with virtually no elevation and about 3K return trip. If everyone has found their ski legs, we’ll get a little more adventurous and do something easy but with a few small hills. I see Christine, Liz, and Mark are all back to try it again, after our wonderful trip to Lake Louise last weekend.

The picture below is what our first trail looks like:

This is the trail on which the novice skiers will start on Saturday

I skied some of the trails in the north end of PLPP today. The following are all groomed(not trackset); they’re still a bit rough but skiable:
Pocaterra, Lynx, Woolley, Meadow. I didn’t actually ski on Lynx, but I’m going by the PLPP trail report on that one.

Lodgepole is trackset from Sinclair south to WWL and in pretty nice condition. Some fresh snow on top.  Both tracks skied-in.

Wheeler is trackset with some fresh snow on top. One track is skied-in.

It was snowing when I left.

Take note:

Pocaterra Hut is NOT yet open for the season.


More Nordic News

This report just came in from Troy Hudson at the Golden Nordic ski Club:

Early season racing in Golden, BC

“Hi Bob, I will send you a report once we have groomed a bit more but we are intending to have at least 15km groomed for this coming weekend in Golden. The conditions are superb. Also we have a race next weekend and have a few Masters already signed up. For more info about the race goldennordicclub.ca

To register, go to Zone 4

I hear the Sat night sprints are quite a sight to behold as they are held at the Kicking Horse venue under the lights.

Birkie Racers:

The first entry deadline for the Canadian Birkebeiner is Nov 21. It costs $60 now but goes up to $75 after Nov 21. The race is on Feb 13, 2010.

Winterstart Weekend

The Calgary Ski Club’s Winterstart Weekend in Lake Louise is coming up on Dec 11 – 13. Winterstart Weekend details. On the Saturday, I am leading a Daytrip to Emerald Lake(which is just a short hop from Lake Louise).


Emerald Lake trail

After a ski trip around the lake and through the alluvial fan, amidst incredible beauty and scenery, we’ll go to an amazing restaurant in Field for lunch: Truffle Pigs Bistro. There are many other activities that weekend including wax clinic, pub night, ski lessons, snowshoeing.

No grooming or tracksetting at Ribbon Creek:

Due to cutbacks at Alberta Tourism, Parks & Recreation, there will be no grooming or tracksetting on the Ribbon Creek, Kananaskis Village, Skogan Pass trails this winter. That’s a huge disappointment. Contact your MLA and let him/her know how you feel about this. I’ve contacted the Calgary Herald and hope to see an article on this.

Dogs Allowed

The Parks Canada trail report for Lake Louise says the Pipestone trails have been packed, and that is one of the few places where you can ski with your dog. Unless things have changed since I was last on them, those trails are not well-marked. You really need a map to take with you when skiing there.

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