Skiing elephants and other mysteries in snow

Unique search terms

From time to time I take a look at the search terms which people have googled that resulted in coming up in the results. There are some very common ones such as “kananaskis trail report” or “skiing in peter lougheed.” Take a look at some others:

chester lake back country skiing elephant(if you’re familiar with the chester lake area, you’ll understand how this occurred)

pisten bully(27 times since this blog started)

little skiers

cougar tracks in snow(9 times)

morants curve

My recent favorites:

nordic paradise

winter sport happy people

Speaking of pisten-bullys, did anyone see this photo I took on hydroline:

How did the Pisten-bully get through here?

Do you ever wonder how the grooming machine(known as a pisten-bully) gets between these poles when the machine is actually wider than the space available?

Welcome to all CBC Radio listeners! Thursday, after I was on CBC’s Eyeopener, we set a new single-day record on with 536 views. That didn’t last long, however, because yesterday we hit 540.

Thanks for reading this blog and a special thanks to all the people who have left comments. After reading the comment from “Anonymous” on Saturday night, it was reassuring to me that we would have good conditions for our Sunday trip.

We have a brand new trail to “test drive” today. I don’t know if I’ll get an update on tonight, as we have some extensive “apres-ski” activities, but by tomorrow morning for sure.

Ski Trip this Saturday

Abraham and I will be co-ordinating another all-level ski trip this coming Saturday, Nov 28. Tentative destination will be K-Country, Peter lougheed Prov Park.  Send me an email if you’d like to join the fun.

West Bragg Trails 

Don’t forget about West Bragg Creek Trails Open House on Thurs Nov 26 from 4 – 8 pm.

 This concerns the Proposed All Season Plan for the West Bragg Creek Trail System. Everyone welcome.

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  1. I just received this email from Blair(I think he means “Spray Lakes Road” but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was referred to as the “Snow Lakes Road” on Saturday.

    “I skied the trails off Sawmill Creek on Saturday, during a steady snowfall. Had to park on the Snow Lakes Road, as access to the parking lot is blockaded by a large pile of snow. Do you know why the lot isn’t open yet?

    Upon finishing the trail and skiing down to where the biffys are, a mother moose and her calf were hanging about and got very aggressive, so much so that my dog and I took cover inside the outhouse for a few minutes. She was snorting and approaching very close. As I started to get real cold (wet clothes) I decided to take my chances and go the last 200 yards to the road. She let us go. Normally, the moose there like to hang around to lick salt off the cars, but there were no cars (the parking lot being closed). “

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