Ribbon Creek is trackset

The rumours were true!

Ribbon Creek - groomed and trackset. Dec 19, 2009

 I took that photo on the way to Pocaterra this morning. Looked very inviting. Updated: Ribbon Creek trail report  

Kananaskis – PLPP

Calgary Ski Club at the Pocaterra/Lynx junction. Dec 19, 2009

 We had an enthusiastic group of 13 skiers for the Calgary ski club trip today to Pocaterra. In addition to Pocaterra, we were on Lynx, Amos, Wheeler, Whiskey Jack. All trails are in good condition. The 10K downhill on Pocaterra from the Whiskey Jack junction was worth all the work climbing up ‘Jack. Lynn Bowers(red hat in the photo) was the lucky winner of the trip to Nipika.  

You can see more photos here

Cascade Fire Road

Mike sent this photo and report tonight:

Cascade Fire Road. Dec 19, 2009. Photo courtesy of Mike Freeman

“Hi Bob,

Just did a quick out and back to the first bridge on the Cascade Fire road today. Skating conditions were really great with just enough bite on the surface of the snow. Classic looked really good too as long as you waxed correctly. Seemed like some folks did and some didn’t…
It’s still sketchy at the start, the road is barely an inch thick and the meadow is scary but once you start on the hill it is really good (did see the odd rock so be careful).”

Has anyone skied on Goat Creek since it was packed?

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  1. Hi Bob, 12 of us skied Sat at Peter Lougheed. Anyone who had waxless skis didn’t have the constant snow build up on the bottom of their skis. Having said that, it was still a great day of skiing. Sunday, the weather was a little bit colder (-8) and the snow was perfect. All the trails were in excellent condition.

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