Ribbon Creek; Skogan Pass

Skiers on Ribbon Creek. Dec 27, 2009

The trails around Ribbon Creek and Kananaskis Village are still in very good condition. We had a wonderful ski there today and were pleasantly surprised at how well the tracks are holding up despite all the skiers and foot traffic.

We started at the Village and skied on Terrace to the Ribbon Creek parking lot; proceeded up Ribbon Creek to the end of the tracksetting at 2.5K, crossed the creek onto Link, climbed the steep hill to Kovach Lookout, downhill to Aspen and returning to the Village on Kovach and Terrace Link. Good snow cover on all trails.
I’d like to welcome Nicholas with his first report and photos from Skogan Pass:

Skogan Pass trail. Dec 27, 2009. Photo courtesy of Nicholas

“Hi Bob,I’m an avid follower of SkiHere.ca. I thought I might be able to contribute a short report from today.

I skied the Skogan Pass loop starting from the Stoney Trail day use area in Kananaskis Valley. Conditions near the trailhead were poor due to hikers and snowshoers on the trail, however once getting to a higher elevation, the conditions improved dramatically. Many people start this trail from the Nakiska parking lot and I would recommend that over my route. Last grooming was over a week ago but relatively fresh snow made skiing a pleasure. It easily got up to 0 degrees and it felt like spring skiing on my way down with all the sunshine.”



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  1. Steve.

    Did I bump into you at the lookout? I was there with my two dogs. Had a glorious day with them on their first time out with me.


  2. Skied the Ribbon Creek area the last two days. On the 27th, pretty much the same trails as Bob, different order though. All I can add is- get a morning start to take advantage of sun exposure before it sinks behind Mt. Kidd at 2:30.
    Over to the Skogan side on the 28th., starting from Nakiska, skiing Skogan Loop and then High Level-Sunburst to the old lookout site. Finished up as usual by cutting over to the ski area at days end via the intersecting cat track, for a short very crowded run with the downhillers directly to the base area, thereby avoiding the short climb from Skogan trail up to the ski area. Fantastic weather and good snow conditions, but be aware that some of the steeper more sun exposed sections of trail, in particular the top pitch of the sunny side of Skogan Loop, are quite icy in spots after several days of warm sun.

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