Special ski trip this Saturday

Someone will win a nice Xmas present

I recently contacted Lyle Wilson from Nipika Mountain Resort  to get information about his upcoming loppet and received a wonderful Christmas present. He has graciously donated a gift certificate for two nights accommodation at his beautiful facility in the Kootenay Mountains, which we will draw for this Saturday during the daytrip  which I’m co-ordinating to Pocaterra. 

Skiing at Nipika Lodge

 If you are coming on the daytrip, send me an email with your contact info to bobtruman@shaw.ca. You don’t have to be a member of the Calgary Ski Club to come on a daytrip. This would be a great opportunity to check us out. We have two co-ordinators so it will be a trip for novice to intermediate. You can see more details  here.

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to talking about Nipika. It’s one of our favourite places to stay because we can take Tessa and ski with her on the trails: 

Cheryl and Tessa skiing at Nipika

You can see some more photos of winter at Nipika  

Back to the loppet, they have a double-header with a classic race on Sat Jan 23 and a skating race on Sun Jan 24. Click on the poster below to enlarge: 

You can read more loppet details 

To register, go to Zone 4 

Read more about the draw for the  Gift certificate 

Come and join us on Saturday. It will be nice to finally have a trip starting at the warm and cozy Pocaterra hut. The weather forecast looks promising for Sat with a high of -2.


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  1. Allen Bill – Iron Springs – Elbow Trail, Dec 15
    +2C out at West Bragg today; I had to use a sticky wax! Trails are packed with good coverage, but no track set yet. Lots of snowshoe tracks for the first 3 km. It’s all good after that.

  2. The Cascade Fire Road in Banff is trackset. There’s about 3 cm of fresh snow over the recent grooming. The Banff Trail Report still shows it as snowmobile packed and in poor condition, but it’s actually in pretty nice condition.

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