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Comments are welcome regarding the conditions which you find this weekend, wherever you may be skiing. So far in January, we’ve had 11,829 views on 538 per day), so your input will be read and appreciated!

I see from the Kananaskis trail report that a lot of new grooming was done this week in PLPP and around the Kananaskis Village. There should be some very nice conditions with the cold weather now.

Good luck to everyone who is skiing in the LL to Banff loppet on Sunday. If you’re doing the first leg, I’ll see you on the lake at 8 a.m sharp. It looks like we’ll be facing a temperature of -15 as we head down Tramline for a fresh and invigorating early-morning ski. By the time the first skiers hit the finish line in Banff, the forecast says it will be around -6.

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a detailed, leg-by-leg update of the loppet trail conditions here

It’s snowing lightly in Canmore right now, let’s hope some of it is falling on legs 5 and 6.


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  1. Who ever said COP isn’t for beginners…. They are right. What a frustrating attempt that was. I work nights so I can’t get to the good stuff while the sun is up. So I forked over $14 for a 4hr pass and after half an hour I was saying to myself this is suppose be be enjoyable.

    Snow is hard as my elbow bounced off it a few times. I am not going back there till I figure out how to slow myself going down hills without falling.

  2. What nice photos of the Lake Louise-Banff Relay-Loppet. You sure can tell your team had fun. Cheryl has a great smile on her face in every picture!! Congrats on your team TNT coming in 1st in your age category!!And hats off to all the participants who did the race solo. I love the picture of the solo wolf on the track! Keep up the great job on your blog. Your hard work is much appreciated. See you and Cheryl on the trails.

  3. I skied Pocaterra up to Elk Pass today (24-Jan) there had been a little light snow overnight (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch). The first 4km (to the Lynx junction) is a bit worn but still pretty nice. But the tracks improve quickly past this point and as you get past about the 6km point they are great. The meadows of Tyrwit were wonderful. Got past by three really fast guys at about the 11km point, one of the other skiers who stopped for a break at the pass said they were from the olympic team. Well they were really fast!

  4. Jan. 24th
    We skied Ribbon Creek today. Went up the creek trail to the top and then back into the village system. The creek trail was in okay shape. Still crusty underneath and a bit thin, but some fresh snow on top and our green wax was working really well. The village system was in better shape – could be classified as “good”.

  5. Ribbon Creek Jan 24. I skied up Ribbon Creek and into the Kananaskis Village trails this morning. Generally great conditions with up to 10cm new snow , no ice on the downhills and only a few thin spots along the valley bottom. The village trails are trackset with fresh snow on top. One interesting feature is a large ice flow that has formed on the small hill going down to the bridge over Ribbon Creek from the North side.

  6. January 23 I skied the Wiskey Jack-Tyrwit-Elk Pass-Fox Creek – Moraine loop. The trails were mostly in great shape. There was a little bit of new snow. Some parts of Fox Creek and Moraine were a bit icy but still were in pretty good shape. Fantastic day with a bit of sunshine, not to much wind and good temperature.

  7. January 23 Elk Pass in superb condition…and there was sunshine!

  8. Burstall Pass trail was in excellent condition. Fresh powder, light flurries.

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