Healy pass. Does anyone have info?

“Hello Bob,

Have you heard anything regarding the Healy Creek trail leading to Healy Pass?

Parks Canada rates it as “poor” but skiable.

I was wondering if the trail improves with distance and elevation away from the Sunshine parking lot.


Has anyone been out there recently? If so, please leave a comment.


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  1. Echo the previous comment by Alf regarding the Healy Ck/Pass trail. Skiing around the Healy Pass area is excellent. Just be cognizant of possible pockets of wind-loaded snow on the north-facing slopes.

  2. A quick update on Healy Creek. It snowed overnight and all day Friday, so there is 5-8 more cm of snow at the start of the Healy Creek and 10-15 additional centimeters near treeline. The trail is now in great shape.

  3. I was up to Healy Pass today (Jan 14) and found the conditions to be surprisingly good. The initial “old ski-out” section was hard packed, but had been recently groomed. The next part after the Sunshine Creek bridge was also hard-packed, but smoothed out by a lot of snowplowing. At the Healy Creek bridge about 3 km in, there was 5cm of new snow on the trail this increased to 8 cm at the Healy Creek campsite and 10-12cm near treeline below the pass. There was plenty of soft snow at larch elevation but it was more wind affected as you got above treeline and into the open areas of the pass.

    A few trees and branches had been blown down onto the trail in the recent winds, but most had already been moved off of the trail.

    If we get any new snow in the next few days, the trail should be in great shape!

  4. we skied to Healy pass on sat. jan. 9. and the trail was in good shape. more snow as you climbed to the pass, but good coverage all the way. wind affected as we got closer to the pass. good skiing on the low angle slopes on the right of the trail as you approach the pass in the last of the trees

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