Snowing in PLPP

New snow – just in time!

Update Jan 16: See comments below for the good news. Turns out there was about 10 cm of new snow according to the trail report.

At 2 pm in Peter Lougheed Prov Park the trail conditions were much as described on their trail report(icy and debris-covered), except for Wheeler which was groomed last night and was in nice shape. If you were going down a hill, it was a death-defying feat to get down in one piece because of the icy conditions. There was a hard crust over most of the trails, and lots of tree debris as a result of the winds.

By 4:30 pm, there was 3 cm of new snow and it was still coming down. Every trail should be covered in a blanket of fresh snow tomorrow morning.  How much will eventually accumulate, nobody knows but the weather forecast had been calling for 2 – 4 cm and that it would end late this evening. The snow was quite wet but it’s supposed to go down to -5 tonight.

If nothing is groomed tonight, the first skier tomorrow will be breaking trail. There would be some wonderful conditions if there was some grooming and tracksetting done before tomorrow morning.

We have a trip planned for Sunday so if someone can tell us what it’s like when you’re there on Saturday, please leave a comment.

The snow was also coming down pretty good at Ribbon Creek when driving past there. Canmore has received about 2 cm but it has stopped.

Ski Club Trip this Sunday

We will be proceeding with this trip now that we know there will be better snow conditions. Send me an email if you’re interested in joining the fun For more details, check out the trip description Calgary Ski Club

Don’t Miss Out

It appears we’ll have a fantastic turnout Sunday Jan 24 for the Lake Louise to Banff loppet. By my count, it looks like they have room for only a couple more teams and/or individual skiers. If you’re sitting on the fence, you better decide quickly.

If you just can’t get enough ski racing, on Sat Jan 23 is the Nipika loppet and if you are a skater, on Sun Jan 24 Nipika hosts the Toby Creek Skate loppet.

Golden, BC – Huckleberry loppet Jan 31

Sanne van der Ros from Golden sends this info:

“We had some fast skiing conditions this week and today we had about 17 cm of new snow on our trails which will be groomed early in the morning tomorrow (Saturday). It’s going to be great skiing!

We are gearing up for the 14th Annual Huckleberry Loppet which will take place at the Dawn Mountain Nordic Centre on Jan 31st.”

For more info:

Huckleberry Loppet poster

Huckleberry registration


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  1. My family and I were the first skiers on Fox Creek today. The new snow was great. You could feel the ice underneath but there was enough new snow to make conditions nice. The new snow will be worn away quickly though. Hopefully more snow will fall and tracks be set by next weekend.

  2. Ray and I skied Braille, Lodgepole,Rolly Road,Pocaterra, Come Along, Lynx, Amos, Wheeler, and Meadow. There was just the right amount of new snow: enough to cover almost all icy spots, but you could still see faint outlines of tracks. Swix VR45 covered with VR40 gave good grip with no icing. Blue sky, no wind, perfect day.

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