Thanks for grooming Ribbon Creek

Appreciations for Alberta Tourism, Parks & Rec

We enjoy both the Ribbon Creek trails and the Mt Shark trails. I hope that Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation will continue to groom both venues during this winter and forever more.  

I’d have to agree with Darcy Gullacher, however, if I could only go to one or the other, Ribbon Creek would win hands down. I received an email from Darcy, asking if I could encourage my readers to thank Alberta Parks for reversing their decision regarding not grooming Ribbon Creek trails this winter. Here’s a copy of the letter which Darcy sent to Alberta Parks:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to thank the Kananaskis Country administration and staff for reconsidering the decision to not groom and trackset the Ribbon Creek X-Country ski trails this year. I skied at Ribbon Creek this past Sunday, and the trails were full of skiers enjoying the fine winter day. Many were surprised to find out that the trails were originally not going to be groomed and trackset this winter, and were pleased to discover that the decision had been reversed.

I cannot speak for all x-country skiers, but my opinion is that if faced with a choice to either groom the Mt. Shark trails or the Ribbon Creek trails (provided there is sufficent snow at Ribbon Creek for grooming), I would prefer to see Ribbon Creek groomed, for the following reasons:

1. Ribbon Creek is the closest x-country ski area to Calgary of any significant size.
2. Ribbon Creek has amenities that makes the location appealing to families and other less-hardy skiers, like the community room and flush washrooms available at the Village. Mt. Shark’s location is very remote, and it very much has a backcountry feel to it.
3. Mt. Shark’s location is a detriment. I will be honest and admit that I’ve only skied at Mt. Shark once in the past three years. I find it hard to justify driving an extra 20 kms on the Smith-Dorrien trail if snow conditions are good in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.
4. Lastly, Mt Shark’s trails are designed primarily for racing and training, and most are beyond the abilities of most novice and intermediate skiers.

Again, thank you for reassessing this decision.

Darcy Gullacher

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