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When I logged on to the Weather Network today, I spotted this viewer photo. These could very well be the three wolves I observed hunting elk a few weeks ago. You can read my posting from  Dec 18 Wolves including a photo of their tracks.

Wolves in the Spray Valley. Photo by Dale Meier taken Dec 24, 2009

What’s the warm weather doing to the trails?

I took a spin on my skate skis around the man-made snow at the Canmore Nordic Centre tonight and was pleasantly surprised at how good the conditions were.

The skating lane was in excellent condition and the classic tracks were also in good shape if somewhat glazed. I spoke to two classic skiers, one was on waxless skis and was doing okay, the other had waxable with red(sticky) wax and her grip was okay, not great. The glazed tracks look like they’d be perfect for klister.

While on my skis and going down the trail, I phoned in my report to CBC for the Real Ski Report on the Eyeopener for tomorrow morning. Hopefully Paul will have time to fit it in. Should sound very authentic with the skis swooshing and me out of breath. It’s on around 7:35 a.m.

As for the CNC natural snow trails, the official trail report states: 

Natural Snow Base Trails have marginal conditions with exposed unmarked natural hazards like ice patches, standing water patches and/or exposed ground.

We took Tessa to Ribbon Creek on Monday and it was already marginal conditions. Thankfully we had waxless skis and they worked okay in the mostly-slushy tracks. I don’t think it would be worthwhile skiing there right now.

I also skied the one trail which I had never done before – the Bill Milne trail(formerly Evan-Thomas) from Ribbon Creek to Mt Kidd, a total of 6K. This would be the ultimate beginner’s trail because there’s not one hill. The scenery is spectacular because it’s all in the open. Monday would have been the last day it was skiable as there were already a few stretches with pools of water over the trail.

I spoke to the PLPP Visitor Information Centre today and was told that all trails are in spring-like conditions; ie icy in the morning, soft in the afternoon.

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  1. Bob,

    We were at the Nordic Centre Wed. night too and I thought that I saw you skating. Christina, whom you spoke with, was using some Red but the glazed trackset definitely required some klister.

    I also found the skating lane in very good shape. The stadium area seemed rather porous and glazed, but as you travelled down the Branff trail the conditions were good and fast.

    Anyone know what trails are being used for the race on Sat.? I’d like to do a skate but want to make sure I’ll have enough access.


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