Comments on this weekend’s skiing

I haven’t been out on skis for what seems like a long time. Please leave a comment if you were skiing this weekend. What’s it like out there on the trails?


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  1. On Sunday (Feb 7) we skiied up Fairview from Moraine Lake Road with the intention of skiing down Upper Tramline, but Fairview was so nice, we skiied it back down again. Some of the tracks aren’t in the best shape, but the skiing was good anyway.

  2. Finally got back onto the snow today. The conditions are quite wonderful at Lake Louise. The snow temperature on Moraine Lake Road was -11. The new bypass trail on Fairview is a big improvement over the steep hills(which are still there if you want to do them). Cheryl skied down Tramline and I drove the car down to the train station to meet her. She arrived about three minutes after I got there so you know the tracks were fast.

    Thanks for all the comments!

  3. Skied PLPP Sun. Great conditions on Meadow, Braille, Sinclair, Lodgepole, Woolley, Wheeler & Amos. Surprisingly few skiers despite snow & reports of excellent skiing.

  4. Hi Bob,

    I just wrapped up “7 days of skiing” with a friend where we skied a minimum of 5 km a dy, each day in a different ski area. Here are the most recent highlights:

    Sundog loop to Crystal Line in West Bragg Creek is in good shape. Recent snowfall has improved most trails in the area. I skied on Saturday, Feb 6th.

    Hawkridge trails have been “Farmed” and groomed extensively. Skied Friday, Feb 5th.

    Mt Shark trails are in excellent condition. Skied the red and black 5k loop Thursday Feb 4th.

  5. Chester Lake was good today. Ski trail was packed down making for a very fast descent. Saw three male XC skiers with Canada jerseys flying up the trail. Lots of traffic and wall to wall sunshine.

  6. Skied PLPP today.

    Whiskey Jack, Tyrwhitt, Elk pass all in good condition and recently trackset. Fox Creek, Boulton creek showing the evidence of plenty of traffic and a bit more snow would be nice.

    Mark & Liz

  7. Skied PLPP yesterday and conditions were quite good, though more snow would be appreciated. Boulton, Fox, Elk, Blueberry. Sunny weather and no wind.

  8. Cascade Fireroad in Banff is in awesome shape. Had a perfect day of classic on Saturday and just got back from a perfect day of skating today. Conditions for both are as good as they get despite the minimal snow. Good tracks and really well packed trail all the way to the second bridge (15km).
    Not very many skiers out on the trails either, I think people assume it can’t be very good anymore.

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