Goat Creek

Lots of fresh snow and great skiing!

Fresh snow on Goat Creek. Feb 18, 2010

There was about 5 cm of new snow on Goat Creek from yesterday’s snowfall. Plenty of skiers have been over it, and there are good skier-set tracks. We only had enough time to go as far as the bridge(approx 7K), but I could see there were tracks leading up the opposite side as well.

Goat Creek. Feb 18, 2010

With the fresh snow, the tracks were silky smooth and surprisingly fast. It was all fun going down from the Canmore end to the bridge(approx elevation drop of 180 metres). On the return trip, I pretended I was a Norwegian and double-poled up some of those long, gentle hills. Can anyone tell us what the conditions are like at the Banff end(Spray River west side)?

The bridge over the Spray River at 7K. Feb 18, 2010

This trail is one of my all-time favourites. I wish we could have had better snow conditions this winter, especially at the Banff end.

 Although it’s in great shape for skiing right now, I will be surprised if they don’t get this trackset soon.

Birkebeiner video

Marg Fedyna sent this in: Birkie Video It stars Olympian Joan Groothuysen (1976 and 1980 Olympics in nordic skiing)


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  1. We had two groups on it yesterday. One started early and skiied uphill from the hotel until we met the second group starting from Canmore end. Met after 15km of uphill. Up to the second bridge from the goat creek end the snow was fast but quite carved up as it has not been groom in quite a while. Exposed rocks on downhills and uphills to both bridges. Very thin and icy with dirt showing on the last 4km from the hotel. Needs a good spring dump and some grooming.

  2. Beautiful day at Mt Shark on Saturday. About 5cm of new snow that hasn’t been groomed so there were lots of skier tracks in the skating lane – and lots of snowshoe-ers

  3. Skiing conditions are still very good at West Bragg, and the weather has been superb. Not as many skiers out as we expected on Saturday, considering that conditions are as good as they get, with only a few short thin areas in the most exposed spots.

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