Spring skiing today

You can still find some pretty good snow

Beautiful scenery at Mt Shark. Mar 24, 2010

The skiing today at Mt Shark was fantastic. I’ll qualify that by saying “it was fantastic if you had waxless skis or klister, or were skating.”

Gerry applies klister as Geoff looks on. Watridge Lake road. Mar 24, 2010

Watridge Lake road had been trackset on Monday night. The tracks were perfect for my waxless skis. I had good grip and great glide. All the other trails were groomed only. The Smith-Dorrien highway is not much fun to drive right now. Lots of potholes and standing water. It’s better if you approach from the south. Sharkfest is on this weekend.

Carla & Hans were enjoying the day at Mt Shark on snowshoes. Mar 24, 2010

One of the best things about Mt Shark is that I can take my faithful companion with me. She loves skiing.

Bob & Tessa on Watridge Lake road. Mar 24, 2010

I also checked out Elk Pass, Tyrwhitt, and Hydroline today. Tyrwhitt and Hydroline were groomed and trackset last night and were excellent(once again, if you were on waxless skis). There were some soft spots where the sun was hitting the trail.

Fresh tracks on Hydroline. Mar 24, 2010

I encountered the groomer coming up Elk pass just as I was about to descend the big hill. He was laying down corduroy only, but I expect on the return trip he’ll also put down fresh tracks. It was incredibly nice having the new corduroy to go down the hill. With new tracks, it should be great tomorrow.

Groomer on Elk Pass. Mar 24, 2010

There’s a good chance that Blueberry Hill will be groomed and trackset as well. Check the Kananaskis trail report in the late afternoon tomorrow for an update.

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