Frozen Thunder day 2

Below freezing temperatures allowed the snow to be groomed and trackset last night, so it was in good condition again this morning.

Debbie and Barb were checking out the snow at Canmore Nordic Centre. Oct 17, 2010

It was a bright, sunny day and a few slushy spots developed on the trail but it was still good considering the time of year.

National ski team members Drew Goldsack and Phil Widmer. Oct 17, 2010

The classic track was also in good condition but you would have required klister or waxless skis to get any grip. Most of the skiers were skating today.

It turns out that my guess on the distance of the loop was pretty accurate. The loop itself is 720 metres, but if you add in the optional hill(up and down), it becomes 940 metres. Add in the spur which goes into the biathlon range, voila 1K!

A contingent of skiers from Foothills Nordic Ski Club exhibting some good technique as they round the corner. Oct 17, 2010

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