Finally some snow :)

A few trails have been groomed

Banff Trail loop at Canmore Nordic Centre. Nov 16, 2010

The state of the trails is immeasurably better than it was yesterday at this time. Canmore Nordic Centre(CNC) has a much-improved Frozen Thunder loop. It’s been extended and the snow  conditions are fabulous. Does anyone want to guess who the skier in the photo is? He’s on Canada’s National Team and is on his way to Europe tomorrow to ski in some World Cup events in Sweden.

Here’s an update on other trails at CNC:

“First tracks on Bow Trail, Grey Wolf and Banff Trail today. Totally stellar rock skiing, trails are freshly rolled!”

I skied the Banff Trail loop and it was not bad. As the report says, you’ve got a pretty good chance of hitting a rock, so use the appropriate skis. If you stay on the paved portion, you won’t hit a rock, but you’ll have the annoying poles on pavement scenario. It’s easy enough to dodge the exposed rocks; it’s the hidden ones that get you.

More photos I’ve run out of room on my business website and can’t post anymore photo albums there. I guess it’s a good thing that I finally capitulated and joined Facebook because I can post them there.

Moraine Lake Road

The Banff trail report says that Moraine Lake Road is packed(thanks MK for the heads up). I had a phone call from a skier who was there and reports that it is ultra thin, soft, and needs more snow. Skaters would definitely hit pavement, and you’ll have annoying pole syndrome. It may get better after setting up through the evening.

I hear(thanks to Shelli) that West Bragg received 8″(20 cm) of snow and will be proceeding to groom the trails soon.

If anyone has any information on other trails, please leave a comment.

The Weather Network forecasts more snow on Wednesday:

“Alberta can expect another snow storm to come in and give them five to ten centimetres of freshly fallen snow on top of what they already got with the previous storm,” says Elena Grigorenko, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network.

I’m a couple days late with this, but I’m sad to hear that Hawkridge is closing.

At some point this evening, we’ll have our 100,000th reader logging on.


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  1. I heard your report on CBC this morning. I’m delighted that you have set up this site.

    Have you considered adding something on in-town conditions?

    I live in Ranchlands, and the soccer fields between Nosehill Drive and Ranchero Drive are skiable. I was there yesterday, and didn’t even have to use my rock skis.

    Just as you have done, anyone is welcome to post comments on conditions in Calgary. The blog header does include Calgary in the list of places we cover. I am rarely in Calgary in the winter, so this blog relies on people such as yourself for updates. Thanks. -Bob

  2. #100,000 logged in between 7 – 8 pm. Everyone, let’s have a glass of wine to celebrate that accomplishment!

  3. wounded thumb, that was quick(and correct). Now I can post another photo of Ivan.

  4. Must be Ivan Babikov……

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