Peter Lougheed(PLPP) trails

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to share with you some info about my ski today in the PLPP.

Nicholas was skiing in PLPP today. Dec 19, 2010

We started at Boulton Trading post and we were the only car parked there at 11am. Skied Wheeler and Meadow and enjoyed a warm lunch at the Visitor Centre, just like you mentioned. It was very quiet there, perhaps due to the cold temperatures (-18 or so). Then we did Meadow, Wooley, Lynx, Pocaterra, and Packers back to the car (still the only one in the parking lot, although there was evidence other people had been there).

PLPP trails. Dec 19, 2010

Most trails were in great condition, although not a lot of glide due to the cold. Wooley and Packers hadn’t been recently trackset, but the rest of the trails had been. Best of all, we had glorious sunshine out there, and it was grey and gloomy in Calgary! Here are a couple of photos.

As always, thanks for sharing your information and enthusiasm on your blog!

Take care,


Magnificent scenery along the trails in PLPP. Dec 19, 2010

All the above photos were provided by Nicholas. Thanks!


Meaghan asks…“is there a designated parking spot and entrance to get into Confed. Golf Course for a ski, or are people just jumping the fence or ??! Please advise!”

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you go north on 19 St NW and you’ll see a sign at Collingwood Dr directing you. (See Comments for more answers)


The following list is all the search engine terms from today. Take note how often people enter the words Calgary, Shaganappi and Confederation:

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Goat fell in the snow? I thought that photo of me had been destroyed.

The word “Shaganappi” was used 27 times in searches. “Calgary” was mentioned 18 times. From one day of searching!

In the past week, a further 72 people clicked on the Shaganappi Trail Report.

Someone should point this out to Parks and Rec in Calgary. There’s a big demand for skiing in the city.

The new blog header features Katie and Charlotte on Redearth Creek. You can see the original photo here.


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  1. I do a lot of skiing right in Calgary, it’s the only option I have during the week. I’m lucky to have a small park a minute from my house that is good for a quick 45-minute ski and well-lit in the evenings.

    Recently I’ve found myself eyeing Nosehill. That seems like a fantastic ski, but does the lack of grooming/track make it impossible?

  2. For Meaghan…

    Entrance is at the golf course parking lot off 19th St. on Collingwood Drive (opposite Caribou Drive). The parking lot is closed with a high chain link fence gate – everyone just passes through the gap between the two gate doors – not a problem, and no fence climbing required…have fun!

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