All ages were enjoying skiing on Pocaterra. Dec 28, 2010

Pocaterra trail was in nice condition yesterday and getting better, as a light snowfall was gradually covering the pine needles and debris in the tracks.

Brooklyn celebrates a fast downhill on Stroil without crashing. Dec 28, 2010

The temperature was perfect at -5, the snow was still cold enough for wax to work well, as five of us set out from Pocaterra hut.

Sheri and Cheryl on Pocaterra. Dec 28, 2010

At the Lynx junction, four of us continued up Pocaterra while Cheryl branched off and skied on Lynx, Amos, Wheeler, Whiskey Jack, Lookout, and back to the hut on Pocaterra. Conditions reported good everywhere, with the snow falling a lot heavier up at the Kananaskis Fire Lookout. It was slower-going as the snow accumulated in the tracks, especially on Whiskey Jack.

Cheryl broke a pole as she was starting her descent from the Lookout, so let’s use that as a reminder to carry duct tape in our backpacks. You could splint your pole back together, and while it may not be perfect, it would be a whole lot better than struggling along with only one pole.

Today’s trail report from K-Country holds some promise, perhaps more so for the Ribbon Creek trails:

Overall, the ski conditions in PLPP are fair to good, depending on location, and we are anxiously awaiting a large amount of fresh snow…which could occur. Current forecasting models show significant snow arriving today and tonight at the north end of the Kananaskis Valley but it remains unclear how much of that will track south into PLPP. Please check back tomorrow morning for an update.

Confederation Golf Course

Update Dec 30: Confed was trackset again last night.

“Tim de F cut fresh tracks in confed last night (Dec 29) …mostly double track set for classical skiing. Excellent conditions out there. Enjoy!”


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  1. A friend and I went up Pocaterra to the meadows of Tyrwhitt today (the 30th). It was pretty cold (especially the downhill runs). Compared to Calgary they have had little snow this week, perhaps 2-3 cm depending on elevation, still it has improved the tracks since Monday. In some of the sections (like that between Packers and Whiskey Jack which gets fewer skiers) the tracks were a bit “wobbly” and they were still being packed by our passage. Still, things look nice for Friday and the weekend.

  2. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this blog has become my go-to resource for XC ski info and conditions – thanks for doing it! Just got home from a ski up Pocaterra. I donned my headlamp and started out at about 615pm in full darkness. Lightly snowing all the way – 5k out, 5k back (what a coincidence!). Any other night skiers out there?

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