West Bragg Creek trackset today

Bruce Barker from Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association sent this email today (this is a one-time up-to-date trail report to show what you will receive if you are a member of GBCTA):

A nice 6 to 7 cm of snow fell on Wed, giving the volunteers with the GBCTA Ski Committee just enough snow to work with.  On Thursday morning, Dec 30, we were able to trackset Crystal Line, Sundog, Elbow/Iron Springs, Mountain Road, Moose Connector and Moose Loop.  While the snow was a little powdery, it should set up well in most areas. For you ski instructors, we also set up a small training grid just off the mountain road at the parking lot.  

The conditions are back to being good to very good.  Although a little chilly today, the weather forecast looks good for the weekend.  

Receive up-to-date trail reports similar to this within 12 hours of grooming at West Bragg Creek ski trails.  Go to GBCTA  and donate on-line to support the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association volunteer tracksetting efforts.  Suggested donations are $25 individual and $50 family (charitable tax receipt issued).

Stay warm and have a great New Years.

 GBCTA Ski Committee


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