Polar wax day

Did you know there is a grip wax even colder than green? It worked perfectly today.

Kovach trail. Yes, the snow was cold. Jan 31, 2011

By late afternoon the air temperature had warmed up to -15 at Kananaskis Village when we started skiing up Kovach. My grip wax of the day was Swix Polar, rated for -15/-30. That stuff is usually only used as a base layer.

Kovach trail approx 200m from the Lookout. Jan 31, 2011

The trails around the village had been trackset on Saturday night. There was a couple cm of fresh snow over the tracksetting, but they were in excellent condition. We climbed up to the Lookout through the S-turns.

Kovach trail. The snow was in excellent condition on the hairpin turns. Jan 31, 2011

Turned around and came right back down. It’s rare to not see those turns scraped bare, so it was a lot of worry-free fun today.

On a cold day such as this, I usually put toe-warmers in my boots, but the ones I used today were duds. They didn’t work. In the future, if I’m setting out for a long ski on a cold day, I’ll make sure they’re giving off some heat first.

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