Warm weather

…but cooling off tomorrow with new snow

Warm temperatures in Kananaskis(+9 yesterday, +11 forecast for today) and here in Canmore(didn’t even freeze last night and it’s very windy today). The K-Country trail report shows a few of the higher-elevation trails were groomed on Wednesday. It sounds like the trails with older grooming are covered with tree debris. Waxless skis would work best with these conditions.

We went back to Lake Louise yesterday, where the snow was still cold enough to be enjoyable, although we’re into some stickier grip waxes. I was using Toko red(rated for -1/-2) and it worked adequately without any icing. Cheryl was doing well with Swix VR55(the Toko costs a lot less than VR55, but Cheryl has a job).

Lake Louise had a couple cm of new snow overnight, but by the time we got there, the tracks were all skied-in. Trails we skied included Great Divide, Telemark, Peyto, Tramline and Moraine Lake Road. All good.

The weather forecast shows cooling off tomorrow with snow, and a high of -3. Even colder on Saturday at -7.  

Grooming Demonstration

Parks Canada is holding a demo of the new Snow cat grooming machine at Lake Louise on Sat 1-3 pm in the middle parking lot by the Chateau Lake Louise. I haven’t seen it yet, but I understand it’s a Bombardier with customized tracks to fit the narrower trails. We’re used to seeing the Pisten-Bullys in Kananaskis and Canmore.

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  1. The new groomer in Lake Louise is on trial this week only and skiing is as good as it gets. Both the Moraine Lake Road and Great Divide trails have been groomed and track set. Conditions are perfect with the snow remaining cold and fast.

    Parks Canada in Lake Louise has asked that we all ski the trails and then complete an online survey by January 31 at http://www.skiopinion.ca. This is a Parks Canada website administered for the purpose of this survey. By showing our support, they will seriously consider purchasing the machine. Please share this information with your friends and join us in thanking Parks Canada for providing exceptional trail conditions and a wonderful ski experience for all.

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