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Mt Shark

The Kananaskis Trail report shows every trail  at Mt Shark was groomed and trackset yesterday…

“Mt. Shark ski trails are in prime condition due to the recent grooming and the 46 cm of new snow which fell over the past week.”

LL to Banff Loppet

The Lake Louise to Banff Loppet has a comprehensive update on each leg of the race course. Take note the pre-race meeting at 7 a.m(arghh!) is in a different room than usual at the Chateau. One of the rules which has been brought to our attention is that the skier on the sixth leg must carry their skis and poles with them across the overpass.

The Canmore Leader has a pre-race article Loppet ready for take-off

Nipika Loppet

You have until 6 pm today to register for the Nipika Classic Loppet on Saturday. The Confirmation page shows about 160 registered so far. This race starts at a more civilized time of 11:00 a.m. They also have a skating race on Sunday.

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