Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore Nordic Centre. Feb 8, 2011

Conditions at the Nordic Centre are fabulous; don’t think I’ve ever seen them better. Went for a late afternoon ski and got back to the daylodge under the lights, as you can see in the photo, as the kids were having their lesson.

Banff Trail Loop. Feb 8, 2011

Skied up the competition trails(Olympic and Centennial), managed to find the beginning of Meadowview, then branched off onto Rundle. I find Rundle more fun in the east-west direction, now that all the trails are two-way. Rundle is the highest elevation trail at the Nordic Centre, and has some nice roller-coaster hills.

Meadowview trail. Feb 8, 2011

Came back on Banff Trail where I met the snowmobile grooming the skating lane. There was a couple cm of snow over yesterday’s tracksetting, but the tracks were skied-in. Skaters may have found it a little slower until the trail was groomed.

Olympic Trail. Feb 8, 2011

It’s a rare winter where every trail at the Nordic Centre is in such great shape. The temperature was -13 while I skied but the snow was much colder. Green wax was giving me all the grip I needed, even while climbing on Olympic and Centennial. There must be a lot of natural snow mixed into those trails by now.  Warmer temps are on the way starting tomorrow, but it looks like we might get through the weekend without any damage to the snow.

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