Gone to the dogs again

This is another topic that gets searched a lot. We’ve been through it before, but it doesn’t hurt to remind everyone of some dog-friendly trails
Hello Bob,
firstly i want to thank you for writing such an amazing blog, we are relatively new to the sport and we love it, your insight has been fantastic along with the effort it must take to keep writing for others to benefit from. So again thank you.
On another topic i just wanted to pick your brain quickly we have a dog who loves to come with us , and we have been to Bragg creek with her , i did see that Nipika was also a dog friendly resort, but they are full this weekend and i wondered if you would recommend anywhere else?
Thanks for taking the time to read this and happy skiing
Jono and Shona Adams
Suggestions for trails where dogs are allowed:
Lake Louise has a few: Pipestone trails, Lake Shoreline, Bow River loop and Campground loop.
Lake O’Hara Fire road in Yoho
Yoho Valley Road(I have confirmed this)
Mount Shark in K-Country


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  1. I seem to recall (but don’t know if it’s a rule) that dogs are allowed at Mt. Shark on the Watridge Lake trail only. Anyone know if that’s the case? I’ve seen a few people ski-joring there over the years. Can’t imagine ski-joring on the other Mt. Shark trails btw 🙂

  2. 2wheeler;

    I just spoke to the Yoho Visitor Centre, and they said DOGS ARE ALLOWED on Yoho Valley Road.

    I know you’ll want to confirm this information, so the phone number is 250-343-6783.

    I pointed out to them the ambiguity on the trail report and they will look into clearing it up.

    Update: The trail report now specifies “Dogs allowed” on Yoho Valley Road. http://www.pc.gc.ca/apps/tcond/cond_e.asp?oPark=100438

  3. If you follow the links that I provided you would “winter trail etiquette”in Yoho states:

    “Dogs not permitted on groomed track set ski trails.”

    and the trail description for Yoho Valley Road to Takkakaw falls states:

    “In winter, the Yoho Valley Road is not maintained for vehicle traffic beyond Monarch Campground, but it is track set to the base of the switchbacks”

    So there you have it!

  4. 2wheeler;

    Yoho Valley Road is being groomed this year, but wasn’t last year. The Yoho trail report specifies on each trail if dogs are allowed, but has left this one blank. They also DON’T include it under the heading “Groomed Trails.” It’s ambiguous as best.

    I’ve made up a new blog header specifically for your enjoyment. 🙂

  5. Hi Bob

    My favourite topic. Just to be a doggie downer, don’t forget that dogs are required to be on leash in the National Parks. In Yoho Park dogs are not allowed on any groomed trackset ski trails, which Yoho valley road is. Here are some links so that people can determine if dogs are allowed on a particular trail:


    Leashes are also required at Mt. Shark as it inside a Provincial Park. Dogs who can skate ski may do so at their own risk.

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