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Skiing in Okotoks

 Hi Bob,

Well we are finally ready to open our new ski club to the Public. Starting on Saturday, Feb. 5th, we are ready for skiers to enjoy the Crystal Ridge Nordic ski course located at the Crystal Ridge Golf Course. There is a $5.00 charge for skiers and a waiver form must be filled out. The forms and the “money box” are located at the front of the CR club house. Those who wish to join our club, it’s a $25.00/year fee and yes, you still have to pay $5.00/use when you ski. There will be someone around, this week-end, if you have any questions or email Jim @ saltboxdesign@gmail.com.

Regards, Nigel

Elk Pass. Feb 4, 2011

We skied in PLPP today. Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill in excellent condition. About 2 cm of fresh wet snow over the new tracksetting. Temperature was +3, so a few issues with waxing in the warm weather and fresh snow.  With the cooler temperatures coming tomorrow, the trails should be pretty good.
 Stopped at the Visitor Centre and talked to a few skiers who had already been out. Everyone was having problems with wax; Icing and/or no grip. We agonized over the decision: Waxless or waxable skis?

The beginning of the Blueberry Hill trail. Feb 4, 2011

Under duress, we took out our waxless skis and soon realized it was the right ski for today. Climbing the big hill on Elk Pass would have been frustrating with wax. The fresh wet snow would have made for some big clumps. The snow was a lot colder at the Blueberry/Elk Pass junction, and purple wax would have worked there.

Top of Blueberry Hill. Feb 4, 2011

Coming down Blueberry, and the big hill on Elk Pass, was about as good as it gets with that 2 cm of fresh snow.

In open areas, the wind was creating some drifting, so some of the tracks on Blueberry were blown in. Ditto with the big hill on Elk Pass.

De-e-e-e-ep snow on Fox Creek with skier tracks.

Stopped at Pocaterra and had a look. Snow and tracks seemed pretty good.It was +7 at Ribbon Creek/Kananaskis Village. I imagine those tracks will be icy in the morning.

More great comments today for the Contest, thanks. You’ve still got three days to enter.

Pocaterra trail. Feb 4, 2011

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