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I received this email today, and I agree with Mike that Mt Shark doesn’t seem to be getting much coverage. Is anyone skiing there?

Great post and images from the Cookie Race, Bob, looks like you had a great race day.

Watridge Lake Road at Mt Shark. Archive photo

One question sprang to mind recently – I wondered aloud one day why very little has been posted by you or by contributors about the Mt. Shark trails. Not that I go there very often (it’s probably years since I visited myself), but I thought it was more popular than its coverage would imply.

Just curious, no constructive criticism intended.

Regards, Mike

My reply:

We don’t go there very often, either. For us, it’s usually only a place we go with our dog when conditions aren’t good elsewhere. The trails there are designed more for skaters and training. Watridge Lake road is an exception, but it’s short. We find most of the other trails around here more interesting.

Coincidentally, a comment on Mt Shark just came in today on this old posting from Jan 30

I would guess the Smith-Dorrien road might be a deterrent to some people, especially after the accident there this winter which killed three people.

Comments are welcome. Do you ski at Mt Shark?


World Championships

Canadian XC skiers are doing well at the World Championships in Norway.  Three finished in the top 15 in today’s 30K pursuit. Devon Kershaw was in 9th place, only six seconds behind the winner, Peter Northug. Alex Harvey was 12th, and Ivan Babikov 15th. Read more Ski Trax


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  1. While I havent skied the Mt Shark trails recently….I have been impressed with its scenic setting….and is well designed…but very poorly promoted from a recreational standpoint….it has never lost its stigma…as the MT Shark Racing trails”
    I think someone besides the biatholon groups need to take ownership of this trail system…and revamp it….or the corss country community stands to loose the trailsystem when their are cutbacks….a simple trail review and renaming them from a recreational standpoint would go far…as would improvement of the washrooms and warm up facilities

  2. Interesting question…I’ve enjoyed Mt. Shark quite often and snow conditions are pretty much guaranteed so I’m not usually looking for info as I know I can just go and have fun. I love going up to Karst Spring…seeing all that green moss in the dead of winter is amazing. Haven’t been out to Mt. Shark this year yet though…lots of time left to go.

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