Positive Energy: we’ve got it!

Scott: “Living in Nordic Ski Paradise!”

With all the excitement over the contest, dogs, and skaters, we set a new record yesterday with 1259 views. Whew!

Congratulations to Dave Covell, the lucky winner. ?

This blog has a lot of positive energy coming from the readers. For example, Cindy’s comment: “lots of people were out ranging from kids, dogs, newbies, racers, chariots, snowshoers…everyone seemed to be having fun! A great day of skiing.”

After reading 2wheeler’s comment about dogs in Yoho, I made an extraordinary effort to create a blog header that he would especially enjoy. If we play our cards right, I can envision 2wheeler rescuing a dog from the Humane Society this summer and we’ll see the two of them skiing at West Bragg next winter…with the dog off leash! I detected an underlying sense of humour in his comment, so we know there’s hope.

Is there a need for skating trails in K-Country? I’ve posted a Poll on my business website where you can vote yes or no.

All the comments for the contest were great; here are a few hi-lites filled with levity:

Scott: We are truly blessed living in the Nordic ski paradise!!

Karl: a great ski always allows you to recharge your batteries and your worries seem to fade away.

Chris Taylor: Do everything!

Diana: There are too many wonderful trails to have a favourite!

Liz: I hope that other beginner skiers that are out there in 2011 are lucky enough to encounter the same tolerance and encouragement that we received – it really set us on the way to enjoying the sport.

Julie: Would LOVE a whole entire weekend of skiing!

Mike: this is an incredible community of appreciative and positive individuals.

Sam: its great to be skiing along through snowy forests knowing that in a few months ill be using their shade to rest from the baking sun!

Liz D: Cross-country skiing fills me with so much joy and peace. Lovin’ it!

Sheri: your site gave me the confidence to try something new and bring my kids along on the journey.

Jeannie: A day out skiing is the best medicine for whatever ails you. This year has been absolute heaven.

Evelyn: …love every minute of winter when I can get out skiing in these awesome mountains.

Megan: My philosophy on life is get your kids out there enjoying the great outdoors!

Jaime: its encouraging to know other people are out and enjoying the -25 C weather!

Sue: Life is a party, so don’t miss out.

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