Spray River; West Bragg Creek

 Glad we had a reasonably nice weekend because it looks like we’re in for some nasty weather for the next couple days. I’ve received some updates on trails…

Spray River

Spray River west side. Feb 27, 2011. Photo by Nicholas Roeder.

Hi Bob,

I skied Spray River (west side) to the second bridge today. For some reason it wasn’t very popular, but the conditions were good. Once you get past the first bridge (where you could turn back to do a loop to the Banff Springs hotel) the conditions get even better and it really starts to feel more like the back country.

Beautiful scenery from the Spray River trail. Feb 27, 2011. Photo by Nicholas Roeder

They could use some fresh snow, but considering how heavily used this trail is, the tracks were pretty good. Skiing along the river which is still open much of the way is beautiful.


West Bragg Creek

This comment came in from Cindy H…

Had a fantastic day at West Bragg Creek. Love Logger’s Loop. I’ve been meaning to make my donation to the GBCTA and actually got out my chequebook tonight and saw that you can now donate on-line. Fabulous. I’m hoping with it being so convenient now that many more folks will do the same. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful trail system so close to Calgary. I am really appreciating the fact that dogs can be off leash. I used to be one of those people who grumbled about dogs and snowshoers wrecking the tracks but now that I’m skiing with a friend and her awesome dog, I’ve come to realize how nice it is to have a place that allows dogs off leash and now when I go to West Bragg Creek to ski I’ve decided to just enjoy the dogs and the skiing of course. Guess what? Seeing how much fun the dogs are having is fun too! (Don’t tell my friends I said this..LOL!)

Here’s the link for Bragg Creek Trails Assoc.

Speaking of dogs, a lighthearted moment on the snow  came recently when I saw a dog, a black lab named Lulu, pulling a kid along the ski trail.


I was amazed at how fast they were going and it was a joy to watch them both having fun. Lulu was bouncing happily along in the snow, sticking to her side of the trail and the boy was thrilled to be going faster than any world cup skier could go. If I knew where they were skiing, I’d go just to watch. Seeing how much fun they were having brought lots of big smiles.

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