How much longer can this last?

West Bragg Creek

Hi Bob:

Just came back from Bragg Creek. There was about 5cm of new snow on top of hard base with some faint skier trackset. Very nice. It was snowing hard so conditions should be great on Sunday.


Lake Louise

Hi Bob,

We skied Lake Louise area today and it was a bit brighter than Canmore or Calgary. There was about 6-8 cm of fresh, quite fluffy snow. The tracks were skier set, except for the end of the day on the 1A which was just being rolled and trackset. (tracks were quite shallow and will deteriorate rapidly with much sun exposure).

The Moraine Lake road was in the sun, but the rest of the area alternated sun, shade and clouds.

Fairview was in great shape with only a few skiers having made their way. We set tracks on Upper Telemark and Peyto and lower Telemark through mid winter type snow.

Yellow new snow Toko (0 to -2) was a bit too warm and iced up at times. Re waxed with a red Toko for new snow (0 to -4) and that was a bit better still too warm. I guess VR 45 would have been the ticket , up until 2 pm at least.

Tramline was ungroomed but a bit of a chore staying upright by mid afternoon due to the alternating fast/slow conditions. I may have to improve my balance.

Still, it was a beautiful, fun, uncrowded day,and every classic day at this time of year is a real bonus.

Jeannie McBroom


The Lower Lake trail. Mar 26, 2011

The newly-groomed trails in Peter Lougheed Park were fantastic today. There was plenty to chose from, too. You could have skied the entire Tyrwhitt loop on all new tracksetting, but we chose to make what could be our last fun run down Pocaterra. Starting at Boulton Creek, climbing Whiskey Jack was easy. The wax(red Toko -1/-2)was giving me all the grip I needed. Cheryl had VR50. The air temperature was  +2.

Pocaterra. Mar 26, 2011

I’ve never seen it any better on Pocaterra. Cheryl won the race on the fast downhill. She’s been diligently glide-waxing her skis this winter, while I’ve been blogging.

To complete the loop, we took Lynx, Amos, and Wheeler back to Boulton. The tracksetting on those trails is five days old and they were quite icy in places, so lots of double-poling. The best workout you can get for the triceps and shoulders.

Packers. Mar 26, 2011

Packers had beautiful new grooming and tracksetting so we skied up and right back down on the best of conditions.  

Packers. Mar 26, 2011

Nearing the trailhead at Boulton, we skied past the Lower Lake trail and decided to check it out. I’ve only ever skied it once before. This is a very pleasant, winding trail with small hills and easy turns. 1.6K in length, it ends at the Lower Lake group camp.

There’s not much time left to ski this winter. Environment Canada is forecasting a high of +10 by Thursday. That’s klister conditions or waxless skis, if you don’t mind skiing on some slush, or icy tracks in the morning.

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  1. First ski of the year for me!! I have been working overseas for the past 7 months,but feel like
    I have skied through viewing your fantastic pictures and blog!!What a coincidence to be enjoying the perfect ride down Whiskey Jack and realizing I had just past Cheryl;and probably you as well. By the time I was able to try and stop to say hi to her she was far up to the path strongly climbing the hill.I called out her name but she was to far away.Anyway it was a fabulous day for spring like conditions! The tracks were a little icy in some spots but great fun! Keep up up the great job on the blog and keep those pictures coming!!(She is very nice to look..opps I mean they are very nice to look at…lol smile!!) 🙂

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