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Just returned from an overnight ski to Shadow Lake Lodge(will post an update on that tomorrow). That’s my excuse for being late with these reports…

First from Steve Riggs:

Hi Bob,

Kananaskis Fire Lookout. Mar 6, 2011. Photo by Steve Riggs.

Sunday was a fabulous day on the ski trails in PLPP. We skied up Whiskyjack, across Lookout and down the steep side to Hydroline, stopping for a glorious sunny lunch at the top. Then, up to Elk Pass, along Tyrwhitt and down Whiskyjack to finish off a 22 km loop.

Kananaskis Fire Lookout trail. Mar 6, 2011. Photo by Steve Riggs

Conditions were perfect except for Whiskyjack which was skier-tracked and a bit choppy in spots on the descent. Pleasant temperatures not far below zero were most welcome after a chilly week in Calgary.

Tyrwhitt trail. Mar 6, 2011. Photo by Steve Riggs

Lunchtime at Kananaskis Fire lookout. Mar 6, 2011. Photo by Steve Riggs


Update from World Masters in Vernon, BC from Blaine Penny:

Marg Fedyna Wins Gold  (15 km Classic)

What a day for Alberta and Canada at the WMC! Marg Fedyna of Edmonton, and fellow Team MitoCanada racer won the women’s 15 km classic in style. I saw Marg about 45 min before her race and chatted with her briefly. She was pumped to ski and excited it clouded over and that her skis were working well. 2 hours later she was a world champion!

 There was a good crowd at the awards to watch Marg receive her medal and stand on top of the podium. A very proud moment for Marg, MitoCanada and her fellow Canadian’s.

Read a detailed race report from Marg(with photos): Mito suit has good energy

Tomorrow is the 10 km classic for our crew. Weather is looking great and going to be a fast, tough race. The top Canadians in tomorrow’s race will qualify for the relay team and get to race on Wednesday to represent Canada.

Mar 6 Full results

I’d like to extend a congratulations to Lyle Wilson for his two bronze medals in World Masters so far. Lyle is part owner of Nipika(dog-friendly) Mountain Resort near Radium.

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