Shaganappi Golf Course

Shaganappi was groomed and trackset yesterday.

(The trail report on the Calgary Ski Club’s website has not yet been updated.)

Hi fellow skiing enthusiasts

Well here is one for the record books –

Trackset trails and good skiing at Shaganappi at the end of March 2011.

Never in my 18 or 19 years tracksetting at Shaganappi have I experienced such snow and skiing requiring tracksetting after mid-March.

Normally the sun is high, warm days and more importantly warm nights eat any late snowfalls very quickly.

Skiers – Rejoice when you can enjoy it this year!

And when this is coupled with the record snowfall and snowpack at Lake Louise for the Lake Louise Loppet…

So much for “Global Warming…This may be the start of a new Ice Age!”

And with more snow in the forecast, we may enjoy April 1 on snow!

By now, all the ropes, maps and signs should have been removed and the stakes pulled out of the ground to be ready for golf course opening on April 1. (WE need 2 weeks to remove the trace of XC skiing to permit the golf course to get ready.

However the ground is still frozen, there is still 6 inches (15 cm) of snow on the ground so winter skiing continues for a few more days.

Alasdair Fergusson

Coordinator Tracksetting 1993 – Present

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