Thank You to everyone who posted comments this winter

Over 100,000 views this winter


Thanks for all your hard work on – it is a wonderful resource for the skiing community, old & new. The leader of our ski group, who is a VERY experienced skier and waxer, often refers to the site when choosing places for us to ski. And on the other side of things, I ran into friends today who are neophyte skiers – those chose to go out to PLPP today based upon the reports on Without that information they probably would have stayed home in the snow and gloom of Calgary and missed out on a great day of skiing.

So, be assured that the site is extraordinarily valuable to the entire ski community.

See you on the trails next fall.

 John Addicott

I’ll admit I’m feeling a little sad at the prospect of this ski season coming to an end. John’s email cheered me up, however, and I know we’ll be talking about this past winter in glowing terms for years to come. Any time I can ski over 1400K in a single winter, well, I’ve got to be pretty happy.

We still have some skiing to do this spring, and I will continue to update the blog, but I wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to the blog this winter while we still have a good contingent of readers checking here every day.

Since Nov 1, this blog has been viewed 103,303 times. Our busiest day was Feb 7 with 1259 views. Your comments and emails are being read by thousands.

I’m overwhelmed with the volume of comments and emails we’ve had this year. It feels great to know that many skiers have enjoyed a good day on the trails with the information they got from here. Continue to send in your reports and comments. With the warm weather here now, it’s going to become more of a challenge to find good snow.


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  1. I too am one of those weirdos who laments the disappearing snow. The best cure for the end o the winter blues is SPRING SKIING. There’s nothing like being smacked with Spring smells while flying down cold snow in warm air. I’ve been waiting to ride the icy rails of Pocaterra since my first trip down this year. And if your not a fan of screaming fast just wait a few hours. Most days it doesn’t snow there should be your choice from pee-your-pants fast to fall over slow you just have to get your timing right. I’m sure the Nordic Centre will be good for a while and fresh grooming can be followed in Peter Lougheed six days a week (and once at Shark) until Good Friday. Happy Spring and see ya on the trails.


  2. Thanks Bob for providing this great resource. This was my first winter in the Canadian Rockies and I used this site a lot to get suggestions for places to go. They all worked out great. I hope that this was not just an exceptional winter and that the next years will provide equally good conditions.

    I can’t wait to find out. -Bob

  3. Thanks Bob for all your hard work. I was out at Mt. Shark yesterday. It was fabulous on my new waxless boards. I shed some tears for the last ski of the season out there as I am going away for two weeks. Its been a stellar winter of cross-country skiing!


  4. Hear! Hear! I agree, great work and place to be inspired.

    Great idea! Bob? How about it?

    But here’s the few I’ve used: (not really a blog but great ideas)

    Well Gord, I nominate you! I need to support my addiction by working in the summer. I even have a name to suggest: -Bob

  5. Does anyone know of a local (Calgary/Kananaskis/Banff) hiking trail website/blog that is similar to the Skihere site?

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