Deep snow on Pocaterra

Pocaterra. Apr 7, 2011. Photo by Blaine Penny


Brendan and I scooted out for a night ski mission last night to Pocaterra for one last ski of the season. There was about 20 cm of fresh snow at the Pocaterra Hut, with a skier set track to the Lynx junction. From there, we continued on up Pocaterra with intentions of going all the way to Elk Pass. However, the trail breaking was very slow going and we only made it to the Whiskey Jack junction. Between the Packers and Whiskey Jack junctions, there was over 30+ cm of fresh snow. We were wishing we had our backcountry skis! It took us close to an hour to ski the 3 km section while breaking trail!

Pocaterra. Apr 7, 2011. Photo by Blaine Penny.

The highlight was turning our headlamps off at our turnaround point, and gazing up at the quiet, star lit sky. Truly spectacular! It was cooler than we expected (-8 degrees) and great hard wax conditions. Are we sure this is April?

Happy skiing for another month!


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