Lake O’Hara; Canmore

Lake O’Hara

Lake O'Hara Fire Road. Apr 8, 2011. Photo by Chuck O'Callaghan

Hey Bob,

These conditions are going to last a lot longer. What better time to get out and enjoy it.

It has been snowing all week in the mountains, and now it is clear & cool.

Today we headed up to Lake O’Hara, and we have never seen it so beautiful. A couple of goats (not us… real ones) were basking in the sun on top of a rock bluff by the lake.

This is a 12 km ski to the lake. Anyone can use the Relais Shelter during the day. On the weekend you can have tea at the Lodge. You can always book the Alpine Club Hut or even camp!


Canmore Nordic Centre
Hi Bob, excellent conditions at CNC this morning for both classic and skate with practically everything groomed and trackset last night after the snow stopped falling. Hard wax worked for classic till around midday when it warmed up quickly. Word is they plan to continue grooming till at least Easter!
Chris Thomas

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