Molly-Jane’s top 10

Molly-Jane at the start of the Alberta Cup 5K skate race(see #3 on the Top 10 list).

Every month I eagerly await the updates from our Adopt-a-skier, Molly-Jane Strum. This will be the last one for the season, and it’s more enjoyable than ever. She was on snow for 122 days this winter! (yes, that’s even more than me)

Molly-Jane’s March Top 10 list

This month, I thought I would do a top 10 list of the things I did in March that made skiing fun! Some of them were lots of fun, others were lots of work. Actually, none of them were really work, but some were a bit harder than others. So, here they are, Molly-Jane’s top 10 list of fun things about March 2011.

1. Alberta cup race – team sprint – finished 3rd with Morgan – I loved this race because Morgan and I dressed up in neon colours and put fun ribbons in our hair. We looked great! And we also skied fast! Thanks Morgan for being such an awesome team mate!

2. Fast and female at Canmore Nordic Centre – This was the 4th Fast and Female event I’ve attended. I loved doing the Zumba dance! I loved getting glittered up by my friends. We had lots of laughs.

3. Alberta cup race – individual skate race – finished 2nd – I loved this race because it was skating and it was interval start. It was 5km – my fourth 5km race this season – I remember thinking that 5km was really far the first time I did it – this time it felt easier than before. It was a really exciting race because my friends and I have been really close this year in the 5km – it was fun racing with them.


4. Bow Corridor Relay – I skied with Marc and Morgan in a criterion skating team relay – I loved this event because it was our last race of the year. We always dress up for this event and this year we wore neon pink tights (except Marc didn’t).

5. Spending time with my friends – I like going to practice all the time because of my friends. It is fun being with a group of really fast skiers who are also really great friends.

6. End of ski season – last day of skiing – April 3, 2011 – Whistler Olympic Park – this year over spring break, my brother competed in the North American Biathlon Championships in Whistler. We cheered for him and every morning I skied with my really fast sister and my Mom. We also skied at Lost Lake and went shopping in Whistler Village.

7. Counted up the number of days on skis this winter – 122 days – this was lots of days on snow and doesn’t count all of the days in the spring, summer, and fall that I did dryland training – it surprises me a bit when I think I skied that much!

8. End of season pizza party – this was fun! My coach awarded the ‘best overall technique’ award. She is really nice!

Molly-Jane skis to a second place finish in the Alberta Cup 5k skate race

9. Thought about what I like best about my team – this was a really fun season. My team made skiing so much fun. If I had to ski at west bragg with just my dad all winter it sure would be boring. My friends made it fun to go to practice because they were always happy to see me and I was happy to see them.

10. Ski Nationals – watched and cheered – distance skate race – the 10th best thing about March was being able to watch ski nationals in Canmore. It gave me a chance to watch all the best skiers in Canada. Someday, I want to ski at Nationals. When I do, I want to win. I liked watching my brother ski and all of the Canmore skiers – especially Chandra Crawford, but also all of the other Canmore Nordic Ski Club skiers. It was great that our club was the 2nd best team in the whole country!

I had a really fun ski season this year. Fun races, fun friends, fun practices, fun trips, and fun coaches. I want to say thank you to for supporting me this winter. It has been fun to write a monthly update and share some of the exciting things I have been doing. So, thank you.

Till next time
Molly-Jane Strum

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