PLPP; Mosquito Creek

Elk Pass trail is pristine…and there is a tonne of snow all the way up to Blueberry.

Elk Pass. Apr 4, 2011. Photo by David Finch

Snowed all day on us, windy, coolish and though there was evidence of ice underneath the snow, we were able to have a great day up in the high country.

Go prepared for spring conditions – waxing was a bit tricky, but everyone we met was having a great time.


Chuck and Jeannette O’Callaghan were at Mosquito Creek yesterday.

Hi Bob,

While I battled the waxing decisions, Jeannette was much smarter… time for skins!

Jeannette with skins, Chuck with big clumps of snow. Apr 4, 2011. Photo by Chuck O'Callaghan

We went up Mosquito Creek, and enjoyed fresh snow, lots of animal tracks (we even saw a marten enjoying the wild), and a picnic in the sun by a singing creek!

The season is far from over,


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