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Pipestone trails

Well, actually this is an update from Dave and Rhonda on their trip to Field, BC. Dave won the contest we had a couple months ago for two free nights at the Old Church Guesthouse. Reading the entries for the contest was one of the hi-lites of my winter.

After seeing this trip report, I feel a compelling urge to pour a glass of red. 

I’d like to say a special Thank you to Helen, the owner of the Old Church Guesthouse for providing the prize.

Hi Bob,

Thanks to your contest, Dave Covell and I stayed in Field at the Old Church Guesthouse Inn on March 19th and 20th. By far one of the best weekends of our winter. The suite is self contained, two bedroom and fully equipped. There was plenty of snow in and around Field of course. Field is such a beautiful and quaint place.

The snow tunnel leading into the Old Church Guesthouse

The first night we walked around Emerald Lake and saw where the avalanche came down onto the lake returned to the Inn and enjoyed some wine, the second day we skied Pipestone followed by more wine and the third day we snowshoed from the Lake O’hara parking lot (no wine cause we drove back after that). We still long for the original Truffle Pigs but we’ll get over it at some point.

Thanks to you and Helen from the Inn for giving us such a great opportunity to stay in Field. We’ll go back. For anyone who hasn’t been to the area there are so many trails to choose from.

Thanks again Bob and Helen,
Rhonda and Dave

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  1. Bob and I love going to Truffle Pigs!!It is one of our favourites!!

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