Great News: A cold and snowy winter

For the winter of 2011–12, the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac is forecasting unusually cold and stormy weather. The Prairie provinces can expect the coldest weather periods to hit during early December, mid-January, early to mid-February, and early March.

March and April will feel especially frigid with temperatures 5 C to 6 C below the median.

The prairies will be hit with above average snowfall and Edmontonians can expect to see the white stuff from November into early May.

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Farmer’s Almanac

Let’s hope that forecast for Edmonton also applies to southern Alberta.

Sep 23 Update:

On the heels of last year’s ferocious winter of massive snowstorms and  bone-rattling cold snaps, Environment Canada models are predicting another  frigid, snowy season, said Phillips, a senior climatologist.

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