Frozen Thunder – hard and fast

It was great to be on snow again!

Although it was a shorter than usual off-season, it was great to be on skis again! All skiers this morning were skating as the tracks were too icy to get any grip with hard wax. I think klister would have been the only thing that would have worked in the tracks.

I don’t know whether the snow softened up at all this afternoon, but it was still good and hard when I left at noon. The muscles were already feeling sore, too, but it’s nice to get a jump-start on the season. When we finally get snow on Moraine Lake road, or Elk Pass, I may be fit enough to make it to the end.

I stand corrected on the distance. When I was doing my reconnaissance yesterday, I was expecting to see snow through the entire biathlon range, but most of it is still dry pavement. The total distance with snow would be closer to 1.8K.

A reminder to enter the contest Win a pair of Fischer skis. There are a couple entries to read already, and I agree with Jeff. I, too will be in a lot better shape come April than I am now!

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