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There’s lots to be excited about: In addition to this new and improved blog, we’ll be starting off the winter with a fantastic contest where you could win a new pair of Fischer skis. I’ll be posting details at a later date.

Frozen Thunder at Canmore Nordic Centre. Oct 16, 2010

Frozen thunder at Canmore Nordic Centre. Oct 16, 2010

I’ve noticed that web surfers have been finding this blog by searching for Frozen Thunder. If you remember, we were skiing on Oct 16 last year at the Canmore Nordic Centre. If you like it hard ‘n fast, Frozen Thunder…

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I don’t normally post over the summer, but I made an exception this year. I needed to fine-tune the blog, and ensure everything was working properly,  consequently you can read about some of my hiking and biking trips.

You may have noticed that the address is now Don’t worry, will still work as well, so everybody who uses their old bookmark from last winter will still find us.

I especially like the new menu at the top of the page. Much easier to navigate around the site and find what you’re looking for. On that menu is the webcam links which has just been updated. There are 15 different ‘cams which you can check. Thank you to John Addicott for his help with that.

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