Guess the trail

While we patiently await the snow, let’s look at a few photos of the trails from previous winters and see if you know which ones they are. There’s no prize for this, just bragging rights. Let’s start with an easy one. What trail is in the above photo?

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  1. Hmmm, I’m a little confused then, cause I’m pretty sure that picture in your header is Elk Pass, but I don’t recognize this one as part of the Elk Pass trail. I guess maybe it’s the very bottom part of Elk Pass that I never ski? Originally, I though it was that trail that starts at Pocaterra Hut and crosses the road right away and goes up the power line (forget the name).

    It’s the “plateau” on Elk Pass, just after you climb the initial big hill upon starting from the Elk Pass trailhead. Seeing the power lines, people would automatically assume this is Hydroline. You can bypass this section by skiing Fox Creek.

    I agree that it looks similar to the trail across the road from Pocaterra Hut. That’s Lodgepole. -Bob

  2. The hydro lines in the shot would have me guessing Hydroline trail at Peter Lougheed Park. The south end of Peter Lougheed Park always has an abundance of snow and is one of the first skiable trails each season.

    Good to hear from you, Greg…but keep guessing. I expected those power lines would throw people off. You have the correct location(Peter Lougheed Park), but it’s not Hydroline.

    Hint: It’s the same trail as the one in my header picture. -Bob

    • Right You Are Bob its been a few years but oh the memories…having to take Zenny as a novice skier down that section of Elk Pass to the Elk Pass Parking lot as it was to far back to Boulton…which raises the question …perhaps this area needs a few novice loops making it easier for new skiers to make it as far as say Blueberry jucnction

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